Friday, 16 March 2012

One Direction Imagine - Zayn Malik


Zayn calls you , you instantly pick up the phone. “Hi babe! What’s up?” you say, extremely happy to hear his voice again (although you have been dating for a year, he still gives you butterflies). You get no reply. “Zayn, are you OK?”. “Not really, I... Yeah I’m fine. Just a quick call to say hi.” He replies, sounding like he’s going to cry any second. You reply with:
You sure, you really don’t sound it babe”.
Yeah, I’m fine, just really tired, had a long day.”
OK, I have to go now hun”
Bye, Love you”
Just before you put the phone down he quickly says:
Wait, are you busy tomorrow? If not we can go for a coffee or something before I go to work.” Sounding as though he's cheered up. “Yeah, I’m free. See you then. Love you baby!”.

Its morning, you wake up with a text from Zayn saying, 'Hi babe, meet you at Starbucks at 11:00 x”. You look at the time, 10:30. OMG you need to get dressed. Its cold outside so you wear a thick cream jumper Zayn bought you.

You get at Starbucks at 11:10 to see Zayn sat down looking glum. What’s wrong with him?
Heyy baby, Vas Happenin” you say to him, trying to cheer him up, it fails. He clutches both your hands in his and he stares at them for a while. He must be really upset, why is he being so quite? usually he’s pleased to see me. He sits up and looks into your eyes trying to smile. “Babe, I’m really sorry, I have something important to tell you. I know its going to break your heart, it physically kills me because I cant do anything about it”. You stop smiling and feel tears arising, you stare into his eyes are see tears start to roll down his cheek. “there’s no easy way to say it so...I have to go, to America on tour, with the boys”. “Zayn, I don’t mind, I understand that you have to do these things, its your job. Ill just have to deal with it.”. You say trying to smile, desperately holding back your tears. He stares at you for a while. “You don’t understand, the tour is...” Seeming like if he says another word he will burst out into tears. “What babe, how long is it?” Now feeling cautious.
Its a year. Please don’t be upset, I will call you everyday, I will talk to you on Skype. I will do anything and everything to keep in touch with you.”, He sees your about to cry and can tell that your holding it in. You look down at your hands, still gripping each other, now even tighter than before. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what else to do, I cant cancel, its not fair on the boys, or the fans, I...” You cut him off. “No, that’s not at all what I want, I understand babe. Honestly”. You look at the time, its 1:00pm. “I think you better be going”, you smile it off. You both stand up, hug and quickly kiss. “We are going in two days, Ill have the day off tomorrow and well do something, just me and you yeah”. You nod, he can see your shaking like crazy, you try to hide it by putting your hands in your pockets. You both walk out.

You rush home and run upstairs to your room, your mum notices your upset and tries to comfort you. You tell her about it, she cries with you.

That night you get a text from Zayn saying, 'meet me at the park'. You quickly grab your coat and leave. It took about 10 minutes to walk, it seemed like 30. You get there and see Zayn sitting underneath a tree with his head phones in, bobbing his head along with the music.
Babe?”, he shuts off his music and stands up, looking a lot happier than he were earlier on today. “I’m so sorry for today. I couldn’t stop thinking about you at work”. He looks at you and could see the redness around your eyes from crying. “I’m so sorry I put you through all this pain. Liam could see how upset I was, and have been for the past few days. He spoke to our management team”. You look up and your eyes brighten up, he couldn’t help but smile and laugh, you laugh with him. “You can come on tour with us!”. You scream, cry and you both jump with happiness. You both kiss passionately and as you stop for air he cups his hands around your head. “Babe, I really love you, honestly words cant describe how much I love you. I really didn’t think I could make it through the tour without you”. You start to cry even more. “I love you too, so much. I cant describe how happy and relieved I am. I dont think I would have made it so long without you” you reply. “Well, tomorrow we can go shopping, spend the day together after all. You probably aren’t really prepared for this”. You both smile and sit under the tree for a few hours watching the night go by.

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